How to Set Variables / change max_allowed_packet size at MySQL 5.7 +


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If you could not find my.cnf or my.ini file on the latest versions of MySQL, I can help you to find out. As usual, for a huge data transfer I met an error for maximum allowed package and I tried to change the value of “max_allowed_packet”, however I could not find the configuration file anywhere inside the MySQL folder. After a while I recognized that new versions of MySQL keeps my.ini file inside a folder addressed below:

C:\ProgramData\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.7\my.ini

After increasing “max_allowed_packet” value under the [mysqld] section from 16M to 100M problem is resolved. If you met the similar problem please try:)



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According to David Eagleman, professor at Stanford University and the author of The Brain: The Story of You, pursuing new settings, new activities, and new experiences is the best way to “stretch time,” so to speak. It all comes down to what your brain perceives as novel. When you spend time doing something unfamiliar, your brain focuses more on collecting the data associated with the activity, thus creating a more thorough memory of the experience. When you reflect on that memory, it feels like you had more time [1].

As mentioned by Patrick Allan, human brain does not care the regular activities and ignores collecting data when the day is similar to the day before. This brings as a feeling of time skips and days, weeks, months are going on too fast without any memorable history!

The monotonous daily activities make people bored and send to the brain that there is nothing to make that day remarkable. As the days went by, signals to the brain transformed as a disappointment caused by having no distinctive and attractive lives. Therefore, so many people are lack of motivation and in pursuit of new distinctive and attractive lives all around the world. There needs to be more colorful daily solutions to increase motivations.

Agile and specially scrum methodology is very rich of meetings and these meetings are very useful to rise communication skills between team members, however do you agree that the daily standup meetings are getting monotonous day by day specially for the long term project?..

What about adding some memorable activities to the calendar of each sprint?

“Aktif Scrum Approach” intends to add some differences to daily routines to make your brain evaluating your activities more cheerful and considerable. For this purpose, Aktif Scrum Approach takes off some daily standup meetings and instead put some entertaining activities. Variety of these activity types may be increased up to imagination of team members. Some attractive suggestions are included in this article.


Plan some daily standups outside of the office in a period of time (sprint / month).

Choose the place as will not be visited before by any team members. It may be a cafe, restaurant, seaside or just a park. During the meeting and after it a quick sandwich picnic or long brunch may also be included.

After the meeting continue to work at the same place till to the end of the day. These activities and preparation tasks may be enriched by scrum poker like that who will make the sandwiches? Or team work while making sandwiches as one brings the breads, the other gets cheese, etc.


Plan to see a movie in every three or four sprints/months:

On some occasions, team may even go to a movie and then they may have a quick standup meeting after the movie. In this meeting, two significant subjects may be discussed;

  • Are there any relation between the project lifecycle, workflow, processes, colleagues and the subject of the movie (any even if funny relations are acceptableJ)
  • Are there any relation between the team members and the main characters of the movie (within the framework of respect!).

There would be so many similarities or not be any it is not important however talking about these will activate and entertain your brain and strengthen the communication between team members.


Plan some daily standup based on document review in a sprint, or month.

Technical document writing/reading is accepted as drudgery task for most of the team members in general. Besides, there is no hero team member who writes a perfect document that cannot be criticized. Documents needs to be accepted as living materials, should be plain and have an improvement progress during project lifecycle. To make them more understandable and useful for whole team, and prevent common mistakes review is necessary. It would be better planning a peer review meeting for a recently released document/draft in a daily standup meeting.


Plan some standups based on code review in a sprint, or month.

One of the best learning methods for everyone in a team is reviewing what is done and discussing on mistakes. Code review process is very important for a project. It provides new members to learn so many details and prevent all team members from common mistakes then raises code quality. However, these experiences are limited when stays between just two colleagues; mentor and junior. So, one of the daily standups in a week may be arranged as a code review meeting between all team members. One volunteer prepares and shares own code sample to discuss on it within the framework of respect! Or scrum master suggests a random sample code. It seems old school however provides know-how transfer and awareness of coding standards among team members.


Plan some daily standups as Happy Hours in a sprint, or month (may be the last meeting of the week).

Don’t talk about backlog in that day; just chit-chat, eat appetizers, drink a lot and laugh.


Plan some daily standups based on brain storming about future expectations of your project:

There is no limit, you can imagine any new feature may be applicable to the project may be not, you can imagine who will buy and how to use your product in the future, e.g. aliens and space travels may be involved in hereJ. Just imagine! Especially silly things about the project do not afraid of saying nonsense words. Be relax, make people laugh and you also laugh.


CI system generally crashed by untested code commits. This happens in every project at some time. When it occurs you may plan a meeting as a treasure hunt activity to find out the reason of crash and best solution suggestions. Scrum master may also prepare system to crash intentionally and make people encourage to think about problem, find out solutions and improvements. The most important part of this activity is that every member of the team needs to be careful and kind while talking about mistakes if they are really done by another member of the team. Scope will be the generic problems not the outputs of our colleagues!


Especially on Fridays, please leave people alone all day to work without any interruption. Increased counts of meetings are not useful for all the time; on the contrary developers need some free working time without any interruption and concerns about daily reports. Meeting-free days provide team members non-stop working scope to concentrate well and complete their tasks.

In conclusion, Aktif Scrum is a new approach to define more attractive working process and environment for new generations (Millennials, Generation Z and next).

It is not be easy to keep new generations inside offices from 8 am to 5 pm for just working as robots. Time is changed! They want to be also social and have entertaining. So, to meet them on the same line it is needed to increase charming level of working as a team in a company. If companies do not want to lose employees they have to think the ways of making the employees having good times, moreover giving them significant and happily remembered memories.

Aktif Scrum Approach provides a point of view as one of the ways to achieve this and increasing ownership culture inside a team.

Planning sprint turns into an art and make people active and surprised by this way.

You can see a sample monthly sprint planning based on Aktif Scrum Approach on the top of the page. Work hard but Have fun:)


  1. Patrick Allan. 2017. The Secret to Making Your Weekends Feel Longer. Retrieved August 22, 2017 from


Nurse tells us the Black Saturday Night in Istanbul, Besiktas just after a Soccer Game


One of the nurses who cured wounded people after the bomb attack of PKK terrorists told us a sad memory about that black night in Besiktas, Istanbul:

“Last night, a policeman just 26 years old, whose leg and slats are broken, body smells like burnt meat and gunpowder is arrived. He said that

I have so much pain, I could not resist so I am screaming; are the other patients disturbed a lot because of me?..:(

In such a tragic situation of himself, he cared about the comfort of other peoples!

He did not damn!

He did not expect special treatment!

He worries the other patients and feels sorry for the other victims..

All survivors of the night act similar.

We tried to work as trying to hold our tears whole night!:( It is really difficult to see such a young people to die and care them with the knowledge of they will be disabled from now on.

They are just numbers on televisions, however they all had a story and feature with wounded hopes.
#stopterror #saystopterror #donotLetTerrorPropagandaonYourCountry #theyareNotInnocent #theyareNotJustActivist #theyareMurderer #Istanbul #Besiktas

Share Folder Policy | Remove Share with Everyone


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This Windows PowerShell and Batch combination project is created to eliminate security gap on PCs due to shared folders with everyone (with full access rights).
It search folders shared with “everyone” in a computer, list them, then optionally remove share from that folders automatically.
Boundary: Assuming that the case of having no permission to scan whole network.

It can be added scheduled tasks list to auto scan computer in a period of time.

You can go to the project page via this link.


Bu proje PowerShell ve Batch scriptlerinin bir combinasyonu olarak hazırlanmıştır. Yazma amacım, bilgisayar ve network açısından bir güvenlik açığı olan “herkes” ile paylaşılmış dosya ve dizinlerin tespit edilmesi ve paylaşımın isteğe bağlı olarak kaldırılması. Betikler, bilgisayar üzerinde belirlenen alanda tüm dosya ve dizinleri tarıyor, “herkes” ile paylaşılmış tüm materyali listeliyor ve (paylaşımı kaldır) ayarı açılmışsa otomatik olarak paylaşımı kaldırıyor.

Normalde tüm ağı tarama yetkisi varsa bu işlem daha genel biçimde yapılabilir fakat tüm ağı tarama izni olmayan kullanıcılar için bilgisayarlarında bu betik ile temizlik yapmaları daha kolay olabilir.

Bu uygulama ayrıca Windows’ un zamanlı işler listesine eklenebilir ve belirli zaman aralıklarıyla bilgisayarı kontrol ederek güvenlik açığını ortadan kaldırabilir.

Proje sayfasına bu link ile ulaşabilirsiniz.

Creating Snapshot View via ClearCase Cleartool Commands


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Although IBM ClearCase usage is very common at IT fields, most developers are not familiar with cleartool commands. Starting a project which consists of setting up the environment of a test station, cleartool commands become more important than ever, so I found out the exact arrangement to create a snapshot view. Since I could not find this sequence on the net I want to share my knowledge as followings:

The bold parts needs to be adapted on samples.


IT sektöründe çokça kullanılan bir araç olan ClearCase genelde kullanıcı arayüzü üzerinden kullanıldığı için cleartool komutları pek bilinmemekte. Geçenlerde bir betik projesi için kullanmam gerektiğinde ben de doğru parametre kombinasyonunu bulmakta biraz zorlandım. Bulunca da başka ihtiyaç duyanlar olabilir düşüncesiyle buraya yazayım dedim. Umarım işinize yarar:)

Koyu ile belirtilen kısımlar sizin kendinize göre uyarlamanız gerekenler.

1. To Create Snapshot View:

cleartool mkview -snapshot -tag <tag_name> -vws \\<computer_name>\<views_folder>\<view_name> <path_of_localstorage>

tag_name : The name of snapshot view you will create. (e.g. Dev_View_on_TestPC) || oluşturacağınız view için kullanacağınız isim.

computer_name : The name of computer. (e.g. TestPC) || bilgisayarınızın ismi

views_folder : Directory name of Clear Case views on the PC. (e.g. views) || view dosyalarının bulunacağı dizin adı

view_name : The name of snapshot view you will create again with “.vws” extension. (e.g. Dev_View_on_TestPC.vws) || yeniden oluşturacağınız view için kullanacağınız isim bu kez “.vws” uzantısıyla.

path_of_localstorage: Path of the snapshot view on the PC. (e.g. D:\TestStorage\DEV) || View oluşturulacak dizinin adresi

Sample Usage | Örnek Kullanım:

cleartool mkview -snapshot -tag Dev_View_on_TestPC -vws \\TestPC\views\Dev_View_on_TestPC.vws D:\TestStorage\DEV

After completing this command, view will be created but folder will be empty until filling it with using config spec.


2. To Set ConfigSpec & Load Local Storage

cleartool setcs -force -overwrite -ptime <CS_Folder_Path>\<CS_File_Name>

CS_Folder_Path : The path of where you located the config spec file. || Config Spec dosyasının bulunduğu adres

CS_File_Name : The name of Config Spec File. | Config Spec dosyasının ismi

Sample Usage | Örnek Kullanım: 

cleartool setcs -force -overwrite -ptime C:\\setCS\ConfigSpecDEV.cs


15 July, Democracy and Independence Day of Turkey (Turkiye)


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Story of a Hero: Omer HALISDEMIR, Sergeant Major

In 2016, 15th July, a military coup attempt is foiled in Turkiye. If it is not prevented, democracy would be suspended and people would be live under rules of the military forces. To avoid this disaster, people went out to streets, stood in front of the military vehicles and tried to convince armed forces to stop coup operation. This was a peaceful independence movement achieved by unarmed civil people.

After that night, the details of the coup attempt are showed up. In brief: There was a betrayer division in the military forces and there was no clue that they served to in reality.  They open fire to unarmed civil people who went out with feelings of saving democracy on their country. Thanks God, they could not achieve this coup attempt. Otherwise, we would never know who steal our independence and democracy and when will they give back. In worst case scenario, we would come up against civil war. There are lots of question without answer. But there is one fact; opening fire to unarmed civil people cannot be acceptable. And people in Turkey do not let loosing independence and democratic regime in a peaceful way.

In foreign countries, you may not learn the details of the event with all aspects objectively. On this purpose, I want to tell you short stories of that night.

The first story is about a hero of that night in Turkiye: Ömer Halisdemir.

In the middle of the night, telephone started to ring disturbing the silence at the Headquarters of Special Forces. Omer HALISDEMIR, the Sergeant Major, was the responsible guard of the building at that night. He answered the phone. The voice on the phone belongs to Zekai AKSAKALLI, the Major General of the Headquarter.

Just Before this telephone call:

Major General and his wife were attacked while going back to home from a wedding ceremony by the soldiers of the betrayer division. He did not surrender and returned fire. His wife is hurt on her arm.  Major General understood that something wrong and tried to go to Headquarter. However, they do not let him go, an aircraft opened fire to his guards. One of the men on the escort lost his feet by the fire. When he foreseen that he cannot go back to Headquarters on time he decided to call his reliable fellow fighters.  One of them is Omer Halisdemir, the Sergeant Major.

On the Headquarters of Special Forces:

Omer Halisdemir listened the voice on the phone. Major General said that

“Semih Terzi, the Brigadier General, is a betrayer. Kill him before entering HQ! This is a very important mission for our country. We may die tonight. Good Bye”

Omer Halisdemir responded:

“Ay Sir! Roger that. Be sure that I will save home at the cost of my life. Good Bye!”

At the same time the betrayer Brigadier General, Semih Terzi is landed into the helipad. He walked into the building together with 10 guards. He is stopped by the Sergeant Major who said that

“Stop! Major General commanded that you cannot come into HQ”

However, guards of the Brigadier General tried to catch Sergeant Major. Before they deactivate him he shot the betrayer Brigadier General in a moment in the middle of his forehead. Guards started to fire back at the same time and Sergeant Major Omer Halisdemir was killed by 30 bullets on his body.

On the other side, Major General brings reliable fellow fighters together and survived from the line of fire. They went to Headquarters of Special Forces, caught all unwelcomed visitors and took the building back.

The Sergeant Major Omer Halisdemir is a hero of that night, he died for his country. His instant action has an important role to interrupt the plans of betrayers. The people in Turkiye are proud of him.

Why Turkiye will not have the same destiny as Syria in Near Feature?


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This article is written as an analysis for the latest situation of Middle East and the ripple effect from there to the rest of the world.

Middle East is all mixed up. People in countries are still under attacks of civil war. Bombs, warplanes, missiles, destroyed homes are everywhere. So many people died, left their countries, loose close relatives, stay without parents, be disabled veteran, has been dragged into unacceptable conditions of life. A generation is growing up in this situation, afraid of the next will be.

While looking from far enough, as world people we may just thank God not to live this part of the world. It seems as the 3rd  World War is already began in Middle East and powerful players sent their faceless shadow soldiers into these lands left to their fate. Instead of fighting with own soldiers on own countries, new era came with new cruel ideas: Create own terrorist group, use money or power to brave unhappy poor young people of 3rd  World Countries, provide various kinds of weapons and any fatal equipment, make them battle and avoid all responsibilities against to universe.

From the pragmatic viewpoint, this new war strategy of 21st century is a genius invention since very far away, Middle East is defined as a boxing ring and instigators are safe and innocent against to world public opinion. However, there is no just pragmatic viewpoint in the world!

There are so many probabilities. Any idea has pros and cons. Any action has unpredictable results. Therefore, it seems that the idea of genius fatal war strategy of new era is not perfect, too.

New world is full of soldiers who do not know why kill others in real. They even do not know for whom they battle. So many people around the world have nothing to lose any more. No one worries about the big picture. Therefore, millions of people suffer a lot from this mindlessness in both Middle East (for very long time) and in other parts of the world (for now).

No matter what kind of war is always a trouble for the world! And everyone is affected from it as described in butterfly effect.

There is one country, Turkiye which is still robust although sharing very long land neighborhood with Syria and Iraq and sea neighborhood with Egypt and Libya which are the nests of all terrorist groups, unfortunately.

The brilliant (!) idea of new war strategy is getting out of control nowadays. This madness tries to get Turkiye inside the bloody battle in Syria and Iraq. Big terrorist murderer actions have been done against to innocent civil people in bus stop, airport, peace demonstration and civil settlement.

Simultaneously, crazy terrorist acts occurred in Europe and USA against to innocent people. And so many people died.

We are all sorry and mourning for our loss!

Besides terrorist actions all around the world, last Friday, a coup attempt occurred and was foiled in Turkiye. If the Turkish people have not common sense enough, Turkiye may close to a civil war, suddenly.

Since the strategic location of Turkiye placed between two continents; Asia and Europe, if terrorists reach their goals, Europe will be the next neighbor of 3rd World War and terrorist groups. Which means the next target will be the member states of European Union.

This is a very dangerous game!

Nevertheless, Turkiye will not have the same destiny as Syria in the near future. Clamming this according to four main facts; Strategic Location, Refugees, Homeland Defense Faith  and Willing Democracy.

Firstly, the strategic location makes Turkiye as a buffer between Middle East and Europe. Since any of the European states will not be volunteer ones of sharing same borders with unreliable terrorist groups, Europe will use all its power to prevent a civil war or internal disorder in Turkiye. If they did not recognize this danger yet, maybe this article help them to see how close they are to the chaos of the Middle East.

Secondly, refugee number is getting bigger and bigger day by day. These people left their hometown to survive and most of them will not want to go back. In some point, they would be reached a huge number that cannot be stopped to go inside any country or come together for another army. Moreover, if as a crowded country as Turkiye starts to generate refugee, then a great many people may apply for asylum or start to go other countries in illegal ways. This may result in the Migration Period of new era.

Thirdly, Turkish people care about Homeland Defense very much. Each man lives this faith during his lifetime. Since they have been warrior society in their long history, this belief is written their DNA. Therefore, no one will give up hometown easily. This may cause an endless war for long years on these lands.

And lastly, Turkiye is different from its neighbors according to regime. Syria, Iraq, Egypt and Libya are used to rule by dictatorship. However, Turkiye is a republic from beginning to now. Although government is criticized for similarity of a dictatorship, in reality independence is important for Turkish people and they have red lines for justice. They may ignore some wrong attitudes and administrations, but do not forgive if government cross the red lines of justice. In this manner, willing democracy is proved against to coup attempt which does not take the civil support behind.

In conclusion, Turkiye will not have the same destiny as Syria in the near future because of the strategic buffering location for Europe, saturation level of refugees for all around the world, homeland defense faith and democracy willing of Turkish people.

History always shows that there is no control on war, so the game between powerful players with the pawn terror groups is very dangerous and needs to be stop as still having time for all of us! Please say #noterrorontheearth with no discrimination and grow up your children against to faceless battles!


Linux | Process Killer Bash Script


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This Linux Bash script will make easier life for systems administrators. If you have so many scheduled tasks on your crontab and sometimes one of the process get stuck (e.g. Selenium Test Scripts running at night) and prevent other processes from running, you can use this script to kill stuck process.

You can go to the project page from via this link.


Bu betik, Linux bilgisayarlarda “crontab” üzerinde belirli zaman aralıklarıyla arama çalışan programları ve ne kadar süredir çalıştıklarını inceler, sizin belirlediğiniz standartlar doğrultusunda beklenenden uzun süre çalışan bir program varsa o programı sonlandırır. Mesela, selenium programı normalde 15 dakika sürmeliyken 30 dakikadan fazla sürmüş ve hala sonlanmamışsa orada bir sorun vardır, bu durumda programı sonlanması ondan sonra çalışması planlanmış programların başlayabilmesi için gereklidir. Programın sonlanmasıyla betiğin işi sona erer ve yine belirlenen aralıklarla programları taramaya devam eder. Böylece Linux te “continuous integration” sürecinde işlemleri durduran sorunlar ortadan kalkmış olur.

Proje sayfasına bu link ile ulaşabilirsiniz.




Linux: Kısayol (Alias) Tanımlama



Örneğin benim lakabım iok, ismim ise iffet oğuz. Bilgisayarım beni uzun uzun adımı yazmadan tanısı istiyorum. “iok” yazayım ve o kim olduğumu anlasın. Hatta bana merhaba falan desin:) Aşağıdaki örnekteki gibi:

1. Terminal açalım

2. profile dosyasını yazmak üzere açalım:

vi /etc/profile

3. Profile dosyasının en alt kısmına kısaltmak istediğimiz komutu yazalım.

alias iok=’echo Selam iffet Oguz’

4. Dosyayı kaydedip bilgisayarı yeniden başlatalım.

5. Tekrar açıldığında, terminale “iok” yazdığımızda karşılama mesajımızı ekranda görmüş olacağız.


6. Ekran çıktısı:

selam iffet oguz

7. Çokça kullandığınız, uzun ve yazması sıkıcı komutları da alias olarak tanımlayarak kısaltmalarıyla çağırabilirsiniz. Örneğin, /etc/profile dosyasına aşağıdaki satırı ekleyelim. Tabi bu satırda bulunan tüm dizinlerin oluşturulmuş olması gerekiyor öncelikle! Bunları oluşturmak yerine sizin uzun uzun yazmaktan sıkıldığınız bir dizin adresini alias olarak tanımlayabilirsiniz.

alias log14=’cd /root/iok/proje/proje_istanbul/logs/2014′

8. Profile dosyasını kaydedip bilgisayarı yeniden başlattığımızda tanımladığımız kısaltma(alias) ın komut satırına yazalım:


9. Ekran Çıktısı tanımladığımız kısaltmanın bizi doğrudan ilgili dizine gönderdiğini göstermekte:

~/iok/proje/proje_istanbul/logs/2014 #

Bilgisayarım En Son Ne Zaman “Yeniden Başlatıldı (Last Restart |Last Reboot Commands)”?


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— Windows 7 Bilgisayarda En Sonuncu Yeniden Başlama Zamanını Görme Komutu (Last Restart Time on Win7):

1. Komut Satırı Açalım:

start > cmd

2. Bulunduğumuz dizin “C:” iken aşağıdaki komutu girelim:

C:\>systeminfo | find “System Boot Time”


C:\>systeminfo | find /i “Boot Time”

3. Komut Çıktısı:

System Boot Time:          20.02.2014, 00:33:28

— Linux Bilgisayarda En Sonuncu Yeniden Başlama Zamanını Görme Komutu (Last Reboot Time on Linux):

1. Terminal açalım:

2. En son “Yeniden Başlatma” (reboot) zamanını görmek için aşağıdaki komutu girelim:

last reboot |head -1

3. Komut Çıktısı:

reboot   system boot  3.1.0-1.2-deskto Wed Feb 19 21:49 – 09:35  (11:45)

NOT: Daha önceki reboot zamanlarını görmek için komuttaki “1” i görmek istediğiniz sayıya çıkarabilirsiniz. Örneğin:

last reboot |head -7