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According to David Eagleman, professor at Stanford University and the author of The Brain: The Story of You, pursuing new settings, new activities, and new experiences is the best way to “stretch time,” so to speak. It all comes down to what your brain perceives as novel. When you spend time doing something unfamiliar, your brain focuses more on collecting the data associated with the activity, thus creating a more thorough memory of the experience. When you reflect on that memory, it feels like you had more time [1].

As mentioned by Patrick Allan, human brain does not care the regular activities and ignores collecting data when the day is similar to the day before. This brings as a feeling of time skips and days, weeks, months are going on too fast without any memorable history!

The monotonous daily activities make people bored and send to the brain that there is nothing to make that day remarkable. As the days went by, signals to the brain transformed as a disappointment caused by having no distinctive and attractive lives. Therefore, so many people are lack of motivation and in pursuit of new distinctive and attractive lives all around the world. There needs to be more colorful daily solutions to increase motivations.

Agile and specially scrum methodology is very rich of meetings and these meetings are very useful to rise communication skills between team members, however do you agree that the daily standup meetings are getting monotonous day by day specially for the long term project?..

What about adding some memorable activities to the calendar of each sprint?

“Aktif Scrum Approach” intends to add some differences to daily routines to make your brain evaluating your activities more cheerful and considerable. For this purpose, Aktif Scrum Approach takes off some daily standup meetings and instead put some entertaining activities. Variety of these activity types may be increased up to imagination of team members. Some attractive suggestions are included in this article.


Plan some daily standups outside of the office in a period of time (sprint / month).

Choose the place as will not be visited before by any team members. It may be a cafe, restaurant, seaside or just a park. During the meeting and after it a quick sandwich picnic or long brunch may also be included.

After the meeting continue to work at the same place till to the end of the day. These activities and preparation tasks may be enriched by scrum poker like that who will make the sandwiches? Or team work while making sandwiches as one brings the breads, the other gets cheese, etc.


Plan to see a movie in every three or four sprints/months:

On some occasions, team may even go to a movie and then they may have a quick standup meeting after the movie. In this meeting, two significant subjects may be discussed;

  • Are there any relation between the project lifecycle, workflow, processes, colleagues and the subject of the movie (any even if funny relations are acceptableJ)
  • Are there any relation between the team members and the main characters of the movie (within the framework of respect!).

There would be so many similarities or not be any it is not important however talking about these will activate and entertain your brain and strengthen the communication between team members.


Plan some daily standup based on document review in a sprint, or month.

Technical document writing/reading is accepted as drudgery task for most of the team members in general. Besides, there is no hero team member who writes a perfect document that cannot be criticized. Documents needs to be accepted as living materials, should be plain and have an improvement progress during project lifecycle. To make them more understandable and useful for whole team, and prevent common mistakes review is necessary. It would be better planning a peer review meeting for a recently released document/draft in a daily standup meeting.


Plan some standups based on code review in a sprint, or month.

One of the best learning methods for everyone in a team is reviewing what is done and discussing on mistakes. Code review process is very important for a project. It provides new members to learn so many details and prevent all team members from common mistakes then raises code quality. However, these experiences are limited when stays between just two colleagues; mentor and junior. So, one of the daily standups in a week may be arranged as a code review meeting between all team members. One volunteer prepares and shares own code sample to discuss on it within the framework of respect! Or scrum master suggests a random sample code. It seems old school however provides know-how transfer and awareness of coding standards among team members.


Plan some daily standups as Happy Hours in a sprint, or month (may be the last meeting of the week).

Don’t talk about backlog in that day; just chit-chat, eat appetizers, drink a lot and laugh.


Plan some daily standups based on brain storming about future expectations of your project:

There is no limit, you can imagine any new feature may be applicable to the project may be not, you can imagine who will buy and how to use your product in the future, e.g. aliens and space travels may be involved in hereJ. Just imagine! Especially silly things about the project do not afraid of saying nonsense words. Be relax, make people laugh and you also laugh.


CI system generally crashed by untested code commits. This happens in every project at some time. When it occurs you may plan a meeting as a treasure hunt activity to find out the reason of crash and best solution suggestions. Scrum master may also prepare system to crash intentionally and make people encourage to think about problem, find out solutions and improvements. The most important part of this activity is that every member of the team needs to be careful and kind while talking about mistakes if they are really done by another member of the team. Scope will be the generic problems not the outputs of our colleagues!


Especially on Fridays, please leave people alone all day to work without any interruption. Increased counts of meetings are not useful for all the time; on the contrary developers need some free working time without any interruption and concerns about daily reports. Meeting-free days provide team members non-stop working scope to concentrate well and complete their tasks.

In conclusion, Aktif Scrum is a new approach to define more attractive working process and environment for new generations (Millennials, Generation Z and next).

It is not be easy to keep new generations inside offices from 8 am to 5 pm for just working as robots. Time is changed! They want to be also social and have entertaining. So, to meet them on the same line it is needed to increase charming level of working as a team in a company. If companies do not want to lose employees they have to think the ways of making the employees having good times, moreover giving them significant and happily remembered memories.

Aktif Scrum Approach provides a point of view as one of the ways to achieve this and increasing ownership culture inside a team.

Planning sprint turns into an art and make people active and surprised by this way.

You can see a sample monthly sprint planning based on Aktif Scrum Approach on the top of the page. Work hard but Have fun:)


  1. Patrick Allan. 2017. The Secret to Making Your Weekends Feel Longer. Retrieved August 22, 2017 from