One of the nurses who cured wounded people after the bomb attack of PKK terrorists told us a sad memory about that black night in Besiktas, Istanbul:

“Last night, a policeman just 26 years old, whose leg and slats are broken, body smells like burnt meat and gunpowder is arrived. He said that

I have so much pain, I could not resist so I am screaming; are the other patients disturbed a lot because of me?..:(

In such a tragic situation of himself, he cared about the comfort of other peoples!

He did not damn!

He did not expect special treatment!

He worries the other patients and feels sorry for the other victims..

All survivors of the night act similar.

We tried to work as trying to hold our tears whole night!:( It is really difficult to see such a young people to die and care them with the knowledge of they will be disabled from now on.

They are just numbers on televisions, however they all had a story and feature with wounded hopes.
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