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Story of a Hero: Omer HALISDEMIR, Sergeant Major

In 2016, 15th July, a military coup attempt is foiled in Turkiye. If it is not prevented, democracy would be suspended and people would be live under rules of the military forces. To avoid this disaster, people went out to streets, stood in front of the military vehicles and tried to convince armed forces to stop coup operation. This was a peaceful independence movement achieved by unarmed civil people.

After that night, the details of the coup attempt are showed up. In brief: There was a betrayer division in the military forces and there was no clue that they served to in reality.  They open fire to unarmed civil people who went out with feelings of saving democracy on their country. Thanks God, they could not achieve this coup attempt. Otherwise, we would never know who steal our independence and democracy and when will they give back. In worst case scenario, we would come up against civil war. There are lots of question without answer. But there is one fact; opening fire to unarmed civil people cannot be acceptable. And people in Turkey do not let loosing independence and democratic regime in a peaceful way.

In foreign countries, you may not learn the details of the event with all aspects objectively. On this purpose, I want to tell you short stories of that night.

The first story is about a hero of that night in Turkiye: Ömer Halisdemir.

In the middle of the night, telephone started to ring disturbing the silence at the Headquarters of Special Forces. Omer HALISDEMIR, the Sergeant Major, was the responsible guard of the building at that night. He answered the phone. The voice on the phone belongs to Zekai AKSAKALLI, the Major General of the Headquarter.

Just Before this telephone call:

Major General and his wife were attacked while going back to home from a wedding ceremony by the soldiers of the betrayer division. He did not surrender and returned fire. His wife is hurt on her arm.  Major General understood that something wrong and tried to go to Headquarter. However, they do not let him go, an aircraft opened fire to his guards. One of the men on the escort lost his feet by the fire. When he foreseen that he cannot go back to Headquarters on time he decided to call his reliable fellow fighters.  One of them is Omer Halisdemir, the Sergeant Major.

On the Headquarters of Special Forces:

Omer Halisdemir listened the voice on the phone. Major General said that

“Semih Terzi, the Brigadier General, is a betrayer. Kill him before entering HQ! This is a very important mission for our country. We may die tonight. Good Bye”

Omer Halisdemir responded:

“Ay Sir! Roger that. Be sure that I will save home at the cost of my life. Good Bye!”

At the same time the betrayer Brigadier General, Semih Terzi is landed into the helipad. He walked into the building together with 10 guards. He is stopped by the Sergeant Major who said that

“Stop! Major General commanded that you cannot come into HQ”

However, guards of the Brigadier General tried to catch Sergeant Major. Before they deactivate him he shot the betrayer Brigadier General in a moment in the middle of his forehead. Guards started to fire back at the same time and Sergeant Major Omer Halisdemir was killed by 30 bullets on his body.

On the other side, Major General brings reliable fellow fighters together and survived from the line of fire. They went to Headquarters of Special Forces, caught all unwelcomed visitors and took the building back.

The Sergeant Major Omer Halisdemir is a hero of that night, he died for his country. His instant action has an important role to interrupt the plans of betrayers. The people in Turkiye are proud of him.