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This article is written as an analysis for the latest situation of Middle East and the ripple effect from there to the rest of the world.

Middle East is all mixed up. People in countries are still under attacks of civil war. Bombs, warplanes, missiles, destroyed homes are everywhere. So many people died, left their countries, loose close relatives, stay without parents, be disabled veteran, has been dragged into unacceptable conditions of life. A generation is growing up in this situation, afraid of the next will be.

While looking from far enough, as world people we may just thank God not to live this part of the world. It seems as the 3rd  World War is already began in Middle East and powerful players sent their faceless shadow soldiers into these lands left to their fate. Instead of fighting with own soldiers on own countries, new era came with new cruel ideas: Create own terrorist group, use money or power to brave unhappy poor young people of 3rd  World Countries, provide various kinds of weapons and any fatal equipment, make them battle and avoid all responsibilities against to universe.

From the pragmatic viewpoint, this new war strategy of 21st century is a genius invention since very far away, Middle East is defined as a boxing ring and instigators are safe and innocent against to world public opinion. However, there is no just pragmatic viewpoint in the world!

There are so many probabilities. Any idea has pros and cons. Any action has unpredictable results. Therefore, it seems that the idea of genius fatal war strategy of new era is not perfect, too.

New world is full of soldiers who do not know why kill others in real. They even do not know for whom they battle. So many people around the world have nothing to lose any more. No one worries about the big picture. Therefore, millions of people suffer a lot from this mindlessness in both Middle East (for very long time) and in other parts of the world (for now).

No matter what kind of war is always a trouble for the world! And everyone is affected from it as described in butterfly effect.

There is one country, Turkiye which is still robust although sharing very long land neighborhood with Syria and Iraq and sea neighborhood with Egypt and Libya which are the nests of all terrorist groups, unfortunately.

The brilliant (!) idea of new war strategy is getting out of control nowadays. This madness tries to get Turkiye inside the bloody battle in Syria and Iraq. Big terrorist murderer actions have been done against to innocent civil people in bus stop, airport, peace demonstration and civil settlement.

Simultaneously, crazy terrorist acts occurred in Europe and USA against to innocent people. And so many people died.

We are all sorry and mourning for our loss!

Besides terrorist actions all around the world, last Friday, a coup attempt occurred and was foiled in Turkiye. If the Turkish people have not common sense enough, Turkiye may close to a civil war, suddenly.

Since the strategic location of Turkiye placed between two continents; Asia and Europe, if terrorists reach their goals, Europe will be the next neighbor of 3rd World War and terrorist groups. Which means the next target will be the member states of European Union.

This is a very dangerous game!

Nevertheless, Turkiye will not have the same destiny as Syria in the near future. Clamming this according to four main facts; Strategic Location, Refugees, Homeland Defense Faith  and Willing Democracy.

Firstly, the strategic location makes Turkiye as a buffer between Middle East and Europe. Since any of the European states will not be volunteer ones of sharing same borders with unreliable terrorist groups, Europe will use all its power to prevent a civil war or internal disorder in Turkiye. If they did not recognize this danger yet, maybe this article help them to see how close they are to the chaos of the Middle East.

Secondly, refugee number is getting bigger and bigger day by day. These people left their hometown to survive and most of them will not want to go back. In some point, they would be reached a huge number that cannot be stopped to go inside any country or come together for another army. Moreover, if as a crowded country as Turkiye starts to generate refugee, then a great many people may apply for asylum or start to go other countries in illegal ways. This may result in the Migration Period of new era.

Thirdly, Turkish people care about Homeland Defense very much. Each man lives this faith during his lifetime. Since they have been warrior society in their long history, this belief is written their DNA. Therefore, no one will give up hometown easily. This may cause an endless war for long years on these lands.

And lastly, Turkiye is different from its neighbors according to regime. Syria, Iraq, Egypt and Libya are used to rule by dictatorship. However, Turkiye is a republic from beginning to now. Although government is criticized for similarity of a dictatorship, in reality independence is important for Turkish people and they have red lines for justice. They may ignore some wrong attitudes and administrations, but do not forgive if government cross the red lines of justice. In this manner, willing democracy is proved against to coup attempt which does not take the civil support behind.

In conclusion, Turkiye will not have the same destiny as Syria in the near future because of the strategic buffering location for Europe, saturation level of refugees for all around the world, homeland defense faith and democracy willing of Turkish people.

History always shows that there is no control on war, so the game between powerful players with the pawn terror groups is very dangerous and needs to be stop as still having time for all of us! Please say #noterrorontheearth with no discrimination and grow up your children against to faceless battles!